What Brings Good Luck to a New Home?- What Should You Bring First?

What Brings Good Luck to a New Home?- What Should You Bring First?

What brings good luck to a new home? Whether you’re superstitious or not, a little additional luck never hurts, especially when it comes to stressful, challenging, and intimidating tasks like moving. After all, who wouldn’t desire a seamless and safe migration to start their new life off right?

Indeed, relocation is such a significant and life-changing event that several customs and superstitions are associated with it. And the majority of such traditions revolve around bringing good fortune to the new residence.

There is a variety of moving into new house rituals and charms that bring good luck, fend off bad spirits, and remove negative energy from the place. In addition, you may attempt a variety of remedies to fill your house with happiness, harmony, and positive energy, from burning sage and dropping coins on the floor to bringing bread and salt with you when you move in for the first time.

Continue reading to learn what to bring to a new house for good luck and how to keep evil at bay.

Symbols of good fortune for a new house

There are specific things that are thought to have the potential to provide happiness and protect against evil in all cultures and communities. These good luck charms are based on folklore, mythology, or religion, and they have a long history associated with their origin and culture.

Here are a few of the most common suitable luck objects for a new home in different parts of the world:

Elephants: Elephants represent power, stability, loyalty, and wisdom. Elephant decorations, elephant-shaped pillows or earthenware, elephant paintings and tapestries, and other elephant-related items bring good luck, protection, and wealth. If you decide to get an elephant statue to your new home, ensure its trunk is turned up and towards the door.

Goldfish: Fish absorb bad energy and represent good health, affluence, and success. To bring good luck and riches to the household, you may install an aquarium (with goldfish in it, since their color indicates success and money) or a fish statue in your new home.

Fruit: It is said that having a bowl of fruits in your house can promote good health, provide riches, and disseminate pleasant energy. Apples are connected with peace, grapes are associated with abundance, pomegranates are related with fertility, and peaches are associated with immortality. Therefore, you should keep nine oranges in a room, together with other fruits of your choice, to fend against ill luck.

Horseshoe: It is believed that hanging a horseshoe over the entrance would bring good luck to the home since the iron wards off evil spirits, and the number of nails used to secure the horseshoe (7) is lucky. You can hang the horseshoe pointed upwards to ensure that good luck never runs out or downwards to ensure that everyone who travels beneath it is blessed.

Dream catchers are thought to trap nightmares and evil spirits, confer good luck, and grant happy dreams, making the dwelling residents happier and more balanced.

Crystals are a kind of mineral. Crystals, known for their healing properties, may infuse a room with positive energy. They offer love, happiness, success, and good fortune and reduce stress and increase creativity and attention.

Tortoises (longevity), ladybugs (happiness), crickets (wealth), fresh flowers (positive energy), four-leaf clovers (luck), mushrooms (positive vibes), acorns (health), bamboo (peace and tranquility), orange and tangerine trees (chance), barn stars (luck), and so on are all thought to bring good fortune to a home.

There’s a strong possibility that some of these unique tokens will work for you, so bring a couple with you when you move into your new place.

When moving into a new house, what should you bring first?

Good luck charms may have the potential to bring happiness into your home and protect it from evil, but if you want to cast a blessing on your new home and life, you’ll need to bring some very particular objects with you when you move in.

New house superstitions say that the first time you go through the door of your new home, you should bring bread and salt, as well as honey, wine, and rice, so you never go hungry and have a satisfying life full of joy and excitement. These potent emblems of riches, happiness, hospitality, and good fortune are said to appease the family’s spirits and deliver a blessing to the home, ensuring your safety, comfort, and prosperity.

What to Do When You Move Into A New House?

So far, everything has gone well. However, knowing what to bring to a new house may not be enough to assure good luck — you need also be aware of certain time-honored moving into new house rituals that are thought to bring good luck to the home:

1) Before you move in, let a cat pass across the threshold of your new house to bring you luck.

2) Ring a bell – The ringing of bells is thought to clear negative energy and bring good fortune, so make sure to ring a bell the first time you walk through the door of your new house.

3) Exit through the same door you arrived – When you initially move in, make sure you enter through the main entrance and then exit through the same door the first time you need to leave – else you’ll have terrible luck.

4) On the first night at your new house, light a candle – Lighting a candle is a potent house blessing ceremony since the flame is said to absorb all negative energy, purify the place, and protect it from evil. The light from the burning candle both brightens your new home and your new life, and it also throws out the darkness, scaring away any bad spirits hiding in the corners.

5) Smudge your home with sage — Burning dried sage is a common way to clear out negative energy and protect a home from bad spirits. To eliminate the bad energy accumulated in each area, the smoke from the burning sage must reach every corner. When doing a sage smudging ritual, all mirrors and windows should be covered, and all gadgets should be turned off.

6) Burn incense — Like sage, the smell helps purify the home of negative energy by removing the smoke and eliminating negativity.

7) Sprinkle salt on front door thresholds and window sills – Salt is thought to repel bad spirits and make a home secure from black magic. So spread some salt on the front door threshold and every window sill in your home.

8) Scatter money or rice grains on the floor – Scatter coins or rice grains about your home to ensure success and good fortune while you dwell there.


If you are wondering what brings good luck to a new home, this article is here for you. For more helpful moving tips and tricks follow our blogs.