How to pack glass shelves for moving? Ultimate Guide

How to pack glass shelves for moving? Ultimate Guide

How to pack glass shelves for moving? We can summarize the items we call breakable as follows: glass, porcelain, crystal and ceramic items are included in this group. Although most of these items are definitely found, they are mostly the names of the items we use to help us in our eating and drinking works. For example, even if mirrors can be broken as soon as they are in this group, the definition is important if we agree here, we can continue.

A customer of ours was very angry that the shipper said these items would break. He called the moving company saying why this is the case, and reproached him saying that the shipping company would break them, therefore they would break. We had a hard time convincing the customer that it was just a term. Yes, shippers may have given this name to these items. Why, because most of these items are broken when the move is over.

So it’s up to them to break their names. The shipper also names these items as breakable and gives a fine warning beforehand. Just so you know, these items are breakable.

How to pack glass shelves for moving? However, the right packaging can change this fate radically. Whether you are moving your house or moving these items, if you know how to pack them, they will definitely not break.

The following materials will be required to start packing:

  • An adequately sized parcel
  • Duct tape
  • Wrapping paper or newsprint, even a paper towel, will work well
  • If the item to be packed is valuable, bubble wrap
  • Pen to write the contents and how to transport on the parcel.

Here are all the materials we need, let’s start packing.

These items need to be well packed, wrong packaging can spoil your favorite porcelain set. I think it would be useful to write down the important information you need to pay attention to while packaging.

  1. Use medium double corrugated cases.
  2. Wrap the plates in paper one by one and place the carton upright.
  3. Take care to wrap the paper outside of the glasses rather than inside them.
  4. Before placing these items in the box, place the crumpled papers as a buffer under the box. After the first row is filled, press paper into each fold and gap. Place smaller items toward the top of the carton, for example glasses.
  5. When the parcel is full, use it as a buffer by crumpling paper on the top. Thus, if the buffer zones are both at the bottom and at the top, you will have your belongings in the middle.
  6. After filling the parcel, pay attention to the labeling. Take cautionary notes all over it and take notes to inform about the contents.
  7. Make sure that the parcels are not too heavy. Heavy parcels may cause damage to other items or parcels.

How to pack glass shelves for moving? Wrap the items you value more with lots of wrapping paper and place them in boxes by themselves. Fill any remaining voids of the box by crumpling the wrapping paper. It is very important that the item you put in the parcel does not move, for its safe transportation. In addition, the heavier the parcel, the higher the probability of breaking the contents. Do not use large boxes for this job.

You can also use the pots you have in your home instead of the parcel when moving. Relatively small glassware that you wrap in wrapping paper and place in the pot will be safely transported to its new address.

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