How to Move Without Boxes: Step-by-step Guide

How to Move Without Boxes: Step-by-step Guide

How to move without boxes? Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do. We all know this! One way to avoid some stress when it comes time for moving day is to pack up your stuff ahead of time. You may think you have no idea how to pack up without boxes, but don’t worry because, in this post, we will give you some great step-by-step guide on moving without using boxes!

Pack your clothes first

When packing up your clothes, you first want to make sure they are folded neatly and put in a laundry basket. The next step will be putting the baskets of clothing into suitcases or garbage bags. This can quickly go on top of your furniture, so it’s easy for movers to load everything onto the truck during the move-out day.

Start getting your other belongings together as well, such as shoes and coats! When you have many small items that need to be packed up, use storage containers or Ziploc bags for an organization rather than packing everything into boxes.

Get rid of anything you don’t need or want

If you are trying to move without using boxes, you need to make sure that there is no excess clutter in your home before moving day. When movers show up at the beginning of the day, they will want an empty house to quickly load everything onto their truck.

You should get rid of anything that isn’t essential or doesn’t bring you joy, and be strict with yourself about what is necessary. Then, before moving day, make sure everything that doesn’t belong in your new home is out of the house!

Use shower curtains as temporary wall hangings in new home

If you don’t have many wall hangings, this is a great way to decorate your new home without needing boxes. Shower curtains come in so many different patterns and styles that will match most rooms’ current theme or style!

All you need to do is take down whatever existing shower curtain is up, tape a new shower curtain to the wall, and then put up a couple of nails or heavy-duty Command strips!

Pack books, DVDs, and CDs into boxes for storage

It’s important to pack up any books, DVDs, and CDs that you don’t want to get ruined by the rain while they’re stored!

Wrap dishes in newspaper before packing them up

If you have many dishes that need to be boxed up, then it’s essential to make sure they’re packed in a way that will prevent them from breaking. The easiest and best solution is just wrapping all the plates, bowls, and cups individually in newspaper before putting them into boxes.

This method will not only help protect your breakable dishes from breaking, but it will also make sure they don’t get scratched up in the moving process!

Put all fragile items into one box 

Putting all fragile items into one box is a great way to ensure that you have easy access to them when unpacking at your new home. This will also prevent any unnecessary stress from having to look for those dishes or glasses right away!


How to move without boxes? We hope these tips help you in your move. Of course, it’s always a good idea to plan, so be sure you know when the best time is to call for moving quotes or estimates. If you want more advice on making your next move easier, follow our blogs for helpful information about anything from packing supplies to how much it costs to hire movers.